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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Business | Sport | Education

We provide award-winning solutions which produce immediate results with our extensive academic, professional and personal experience, which have been applied to create impactful and ground-breaking solutions to support businesses, organisations, the education sector and Sport. Creating an inclusive and equitable working environment which caters to a more diverse workforce and customer base, with confidence.



Inclusive Language Support

Ambassadora understands that the comprehension and meanings behind language and gestures can differ depending on an individual's culture, language and location.


 Gendered grammar, radicalised language with implicit meanings and colour connotations, language is forever evolving, and although sometimes it might seem tricky to keep up, it is vital that the language representing your organisation is both up-to-date and inclusive .

With our inclusive language services, we protect and support organisations to ensure that the language used to represent your organisation's ethos is regulated, affective and most importantly, inclusive.

Our award-winning, Inclusive language Consultations and extra support services includes staff training and language analyses for your website, digital content and public correspondences .


Policy Consultation 

From gender and race equality in sports and the workplace, to advocating for more support in education to include those with invisible disabilities, our Inclusive Policy Consultation Service have a proven track record for supporting local councils, Government and established organisations.


We provide impactful solutions and implement history-making initiatives which directly address and resolve specific issues relating to representation, equity diversity and Inclusion with immediate affect. 

Having already represented and supported some of our top national organisations,  implemented innovative initiatives, and led important discussions with a portfolio of established organisations, we apply our specialised knowledge to produce innovative solutions to improve equity and inclusion specifically across the most impactful sectors.

  • Business (local & international)

  • Sport

  • Education

  • Literature & Publishing

Solutions for Business

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Inclusive Business

With on-going support available, we assess each organisation individually to provide a bespoke service which is specific to the needs of each organisation. Further Inclusive Business Support services includes:

  • Inclusive Language Training & Analysis 

  • Staff Training Courses (including identity and anti-racism training)

  • Representation Analysis 

  • Representation & support to remedy incidents of discrimination

  • ​International & cross-cultural inclusion support 

Our innovative solutions and ground-breaking work in education, literature and the translation industry have earned us successful nominations and wins of our nation's highest awards!

Award-winning Solutions

We provide an innovative and bespoke service to address the specific needs of your organisation and industry sector.

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Solutions for Sport

Understanding the crucial role which Sport plays in representing our culture internationally and shaping local our society, we support the sporting sector specifically, to provide impactful solutions to immediately begin to remedy racism and discrimination within Sports and Athletics. 

We urge organisations and individuals working in the Sporting sector to seek support & begin the process of eradicating racism and discrimination in sport by booking a consultation with Ambassadora today!


Sport for Positive Change

At Ambassadora, we believe that all children and adults have equal access to the benefits of taking part in Sport, no matter their gender or racial identity, background, or beliefs.

To achieve a safe and anti-racist nation we must succeed in adopting an anti-racist and anti-misogynist culture within Sport, with a 0 tolerance stance against every form of discrimination.

We provide a bespoke service specific to the individual requirements of each organisation and sporting discipline, our services include:

  • Inclusive Policy Consulting

  • Staff Training

  • Inclusive Event Management 

  • Representation & support to remedy incidents of discrimination

  • On-going Advice & Support Services

Para-athletes Doing Fist Bump

Sport for Everyone

It's not usually a diagnosis of a physical condition or invisible disability which prevents those who identify as disabled from taking participating in sport, it's the lack understanding, support, and willingness to adapt norms, training sessions, and facilities to enable safe and equal access to sporting activities.

We represent individuals and organisations to identify flaws and implement solutions to ensure that no individual is prevented from taking part in their desired sport and that any incidents of discrimination are addressed without delay and remedied with immediate affect.

To access support for more information please contact us or book a consultation.

Soccer Player

Sport for Future Generations

We believe that sport is an extension to a child's educational journey and that no child should feel deterred or hindered from taking part in Sport.

From physical health to mental well-being, engaging in sport is key to a healthy lifestyle and ​every child deserves access to a safe and inclusive environment, to explore different forms of sport and athletics.

To provide the most inclusive environment

Individuals, organisations, schools and training facilities can access our advice and support services which include:

  • Inclusive Policy Consulting

  • Staff Training

  • Inclusive Event Management 

  • Representation & support to remedy incidents of discrimination

  • On-going Advice & Support Services


Sport is for everyone, so let's make sure that everyone can participate in a safe and inclusive Sporting environment.



For solutions and support specific to your organisation's discipline and requirements, book a consultation and together, let's eradicate racism and discrimination in sport.

Be the Change we need to see in Sport

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(Registration for this past event has closed the recording is available on Youtube)

Solutions for Education

Excited Children in Science Class

Winning awards for our for the positive impact which our innovative solutions have made in education & children's literature, we are proud to be the the first point of contact for inclusive education in Wales 


We have an entire department dedicated to supporting the education sector with our innovative solutions, support services and the Ambassadora Curriculum.

As Inclusive Language, culture & representation specialists, we support the education sector with a range of support services in addition to producing inclusive educational resources & curricula which provide representation in education across all core subjects.

  • Inclusive Policy & Curriculum Consultation

  • Inclusive learning resources, & Literature

  • Support to remedy incidents of racism & discrimination

Services for Education

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Inclusive Policy Consultancy & Guidance 

Curriculum Consultancy
& support

Inclusive Learning

Resources & Literature

Staff Training 

Inclusive Event Management

Visit our education department to access support and learn more about how our award-winning services are supporting Inclusive Education in Wales & England.

Proudly working in association with:


Ambassadora Curriculum

Providing representation in Education across core subjects areas.

In order for every child to flourish in our diverse society, schools must make it a priority to address, the lack of representation in education. Pupils need to be able to relate to the learning resources that they are provided with and most importantly, the teachers who guide them. Schools also need to be able to have access to such inclusive resources.

Offering a short solution to the issues of Black people making up less 1% of the work force in Wales, the Ambassadora "Stand Up" Curriculum is aimed at supporting schools with providing vital representation across core subject areas and are adapted to accommodate different class ages & abilities. Our inclusive educational courses include:

- Stand up for PE with Welsh Excellence: Featuring Olympic Athlete Mica Moore & more National athletes!

- Stand up for English & Literacy


- Stand up for Welsh History: A Global Story

- Stand up for  Welsh & Foreign Language Learning

- Stand up for Engineering and Tech

- Stand up for Geography

- Stand up for Identity: My Hair My Heritage

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Inclusive Events & Author Visits

Nurture young learner with diverse & inclusive Welsh books while enjoying an inspirational author visit experience with Jessica Dunrod, the first Black children's author born in Wales!

Head over to our Children's Book Department to book your school in for an author visit!

Inclusive Event Management services are available on request, please contact us for more information.

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