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Fashion Translation

Establishing & protecting your brand image in international markets.



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Sometimes, it’s not what you say but how you say it and at Ambassadora, we ensure that your brand image is internationally protected and transported accurately and effectively across all cultures- in all major languages!

Transform your businesses into a global brand with Ambassadora's specialised translation and cultural strategies, and international business support services which are proven to increase international sales and audience reach.

Form translating your business website, product packaging and digital content to applying subtitles and voiceovers to your tutorials, with a bespoke service, our language solutions and business support services are selected to cater to the specific needs of each business, with award winning results!

Every brand's secret to global success!

Trust Ambassadora to maintain your brand's is elegance in EVERY major language, culture and international market.

Fashion translation is more than just translating words on a page,
it's about connecting your brand image with other cultures where customary definitions and perceptions of elegance, can differ depending on location.

As language, culture and representation specialists, we proudly represent a number of high-end, brands and professionals with our professional, specialised translations of websites, product packaging, digital content, legal documents & more.


We are thrilled to have our industry leading translations featuring on websites and labels of luxury products which are available at top UK and European retailers such as Liberty London, Sephora, Debenhams, Saks, Sainsbury's and more!!!

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Global brands such Dior and Gucci, understand the importance of communicating directly with their international clients. And as brand owners or marketing experts, you already know the importance of language and the care and precision which goes into creating the perfect content & language to represent you brand & marketing campaigns.


Ambassadora ensures that your brand is protected across borders and that your non-English speaking clientele enjoy that same luxury, shopping experience, no matter which language they may speak!


So with over 450 million Spanish Speakers globally and only 24% of France being able to speak or understand English, Fashion Translation truly is the key to any brands' international success,



Capture your brands' true essence & style with every linguistic element, in all major languages, for every international market.

Ingredients lists, instructions & product descriptions are vital components of any product packaging design.


No matter if your business produces make up, skin care products, perfume or vegan cosmetics, if you are looking to sell your products in any international market, it is vital that your product ingredients & instructions are accessible and have been translated into a range of languages, to benefit and protect your non-English speaking customers.

Not only do we translate everything from websites and product packaging to instruction manuals & legal documents to ensure compliance across boarders, our international business support services include which include international market research and recruitment are designed to help take your business, well, anywhere you want your business to go!



Ambassadora can take care of everything with a fast our fast and simple service -  we take brands further!


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