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Translation &
Language Solutions

Ambassadora covers all major languages, to provide award winning translation & language services.

  • Translation & Localisation

  • Transcription, Transcreation

  • Editing & proofreading

  • Interpreting

  • Subtitles

  • Dubbing/voice-over

  • Language Training

  • Inclusive language support

International Business Growth & Support

Language plays a crucial role in representing brand image internationally. From international business support, market research and recruitment to language, cultural and inclusion training, Ambassadora selects the most cost affective and impactful solutions to keep driving your business forward into global markets with the confidence that your brand image is ethically protected.

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Ensure accuracy and compliance with our trusted, First Class, Legal Translation service for official documents, legal contracts, internal & external correspondence,  Birth/Marriage Certificates & more!


To translate your document or to request an accurate quote, please send us a copy of the documents you wish to translate.

Fashion Translation

Ambassadora ensures that your image gets transported accurately and effectively in global markets.

We translate everything from your website, product packaging, and marketing campaigns to applying international subtitles.


Our Localisation and Transcription services help to protect your brand in international markets ensuring that the language that represents your business is regulated, consistent with your brand image and culturally appropriate in every international and non-English speaking market.

Branding & Marketing

As the majority of internet users do not speak English, translation is the best way to increase your international sales and market reach, which saves you needlessly spending on marketing strategies which can be expensive and and not always effect.


Trust us with your branding, digital content tutorial. product description, instruction manuals, safety guidance notes, leaflets, brochures,  product design and packaging specification catalogues, brochures & more!


​Business always runs smoothly when we are all speaking the same language. Ambassadora ensures your business keeps driving forward into global markets, without ever worrying about language barriers.

  • International Market Research

  • Interpreting

  • International Representation 

  • Social Media Support

  • International Business Support

  • A bespoke service specific to business requirements

  • Establish your business in international markets

  • Globally protect your brand image

  • Comply with international regualtions

  • Location specific guidance

Extensivev academic, professional and personal experience has been applied  to create impactful solutions to support businesses & organisations with the tools to create a more inclusive workplace, catering to a more diverse workforce and customer base.​

  • International & Cross cultural Inclusion Consultant

  • Inclusive Language support

  • Staff Training

  • Policy Consultation 

  • Ongoing support available

  • Bespoke for your business requirements

  • Support to log, report & remedy incidents of racism/discrimination.

  • Ground-breaking solutions as documented with the BBC & more!

As award winning Inclusive Language, Representation &  Policy Specialists, we support the education sector by producing inclusive educational resources & literature, providing representation in education across core subjects in addition to our innovative, Inclusive Policy & Curriculum Support services.

  • Inclusive Policy Guidance & Support

  • Curriculum Consultancy

  • Inclusive Resource Analysis

  • Diversify Your Bookshelf

  • Curriculum Consultancy

  • Providing representation across core subject (Literacy, PE, Geography, etc)I

  • Inclusive resources, lesson plans & literature

  • Support to log, report & remedy incidents of racism/discrimination.

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