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The most innovative & diverse translation firm in the UK.

Facilitating international communication, commerce & understanding.

Across cultures, for all major languages.

Translation | Localisation | International Business Support | Equity, Diversity & Inclusion | Education


Ambassadora is a network of highly educated translation scholars and language experts, specially trained to translate, localise and adapt texts accurately to fit specific target audiences. Whether dealing with product packaging, websites, instruction manuals, or digital content, we take extra care to ensure perfection with every linguistic element by utilising our translation scholars to analyse any cultural implications present within words, sentences and even images.

Unlike most other agencies, Ambassadora has a strict policy of only working with translators who have studied and a achieved a degree specifically in translation and are further educated in specialised fields (e.g. Biopharmaceutics, Literature, Law, Marketing and Law, etc). This ethic ensures that all our experts are skilled at localising branding and fully qualified to handle legal documents and technical/medical texts.


Setting us apart from the rest, we offer on-going support to our clients and we strive to advise them throughout their conquering journey onto international markets by offering smart ideas and cost effective and language solutions, which we tailor to fit the specific needs of each client.

Translation | Localisation | International Business Support | Equity, Diversity & Inclusion | Education

Translation &
Language Support

Creating Global Brands

  • Translation

  • Localisation

  • Proofreading/editing

  • Subtitles

  • Voiceover/dubbing

  • Fast Track Service Available on request

To request an accurate quote or access to our fast track translation service,

please email us a copy of the documents you require to be translated.




Culture & Representation

  • ​Globally protect your brand image

  • Comply with international regulations

  • International Market Research

  • International Representation 

  • A bespoke service specific to business requirements

  • Establish your business in international markets

  • Location specific guidance

  • Inclusive Language support

  • Staff Training

  • Policy Consultation 

  • Ongoing support available

  • Bespoke for your business requirements

  • Support to log, report & remedy incidents of racism/discrimination.

  • Inclusive Policy Guidance & Support

  • Curriculum Consultancy

  • Inclusive Resource Analysis

  • Curriculum Consultancy

  • Ambassadora Curriculum

  • Providing representation across core subject

  • Support to log, report & remedy incidents of racism/discrimination.

Meet Our Director!

Award winning translator and children’s author, Jessica Dunrod, is a champion for ethical translation practice and positive representation in children’s literature.

Jessica holds a bachelors and masters degree in Translation Studies from Cardiff University where she served as Co-chair of the Cardiff University Student Race Equality Steering Group.

Fluent in Spanish and Modern Greek, trailblazer Jessica Dunrod is an inclusive language specialist with extensive experience in supporting academia and corporate businesses engaging in international commerce and communications.

Jessica became the first Black children’s author born in Wales since releasing Outstanding and Your Hair is Your Crown in English and Welsh language which she wrote to counteract The Doll Test (Brown University) which proved that behaviours such as unconscious bias, are acquired by primary school age.

essica expanded on this research by coining The Elsa Affect Theory which theorises/argues a child’s early development is negatively impacted by a lack of representation in entertainment, marketing literature and aimed at children.

By translating the needed representation into Welsh literature with diverse 6 titles written by Black authors, Jessica again made Welsh history when she established  the Lily Translates AwDuron Fund (Confra AwDuron) in collaboration with Muddied Meithrin, Jessica successfully embarked on the greatest single effort to diversify Welsh literature to date though fundraising to cover the Welsh translation costs of Black and underrepresented children’s authors, to establish their titles as Welsh literature. 


Jessica L. Dunrod MA

Translator, Author, Inclusive Language & Policy Consultant

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