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Translating Literature

For Global Readers

Literary Translation

As we all know, a book’s success is not based only on the story line, but the unique way in which it is written and most importantly, how it is told!


When translating your literature with Ambassadora, you can be assured your artistic integrity will always be preserved. Understanding the importance of Phonetics, we analyse not only the words but the sounds and images also, to ensure that your stories can be read and sound just as you had intended.


With your dedicated translator and team of proof readers and culture specialists you can be sure that your literature will be read as an original, pleasing every target audience.

We also support authors & publishers with sourcing stories from abroad and other languages to translate & publish for a British readership.

In every major language, we always ensure that the true intended essence of your words remains.

Our dedicated team of translators, editors, language experts, and proof-readers strive to provide you the most accurate account of your book, producing a translated edition to be proud of.


Connect with global audiences and expand your readership with our fast & simple translation services will allows more readers to enjoy your publication! 

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  • Brochures

  • News & Journalistic piblications

  • Press Releases

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  • Essays & Journals


Translating Books

Translating Magazines

Translating Children's Books

We are delighted to further innovate the translation industry while supporting authors and publishers with our award winning Children's book translation department. Lily Translates is the first translation firm dedicated to children's literature for ages 0-16 years old. Our services are aimed at getting the most out of your stories, increasing the commercial potential and audience reach for every title, in any language of your choosing.

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We support all publishers and authors with our extensive in-house team of highly qualified professional translators, editors, proofreaders and Culture Specialists. 


We also offer an illustration service and an international market research team to assist with the acquisition of books from around the world.

Where Stories & Dreams Become Legends!

Children's Book Translation

Supporting global readers & bilingual Families!

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